Changed United Flight

How Do I Change My Flight United Airlines Flight Ticket? 

United Airlines is the most preferred and leading airline organization in the United States of America. It has a very vast and well-networked route for International and Domestic Travel. United Airlines aims to offer best in class services and enhances the travel experience of its passengers. It is an airline which is always in limelight due to the services it offers. United Change flight is a crucial process which requires clarity. 

How Can a Passenger Change His Flight In United Airlines? 

Well, what are the possible steps a person can use under a United change flight to make necessary changes in his flight tickets while flying via United Airlines? 

Amendment In Economy Class Ticket: 

As per the United change flight policy, it does not permit passengers to make a change to the economy category of flight tickets. However once a passenger books an economy class flight ticket by exercising the 24 hours’ flight cancelation policy, you can cancel the economy class flight ticket and expect a refund with no penalty being charged on the cancelation.  The steps are following for that:

  • Open on your browser.
  • Once you open the website use your login details to log on to the account. 
  • Under the “My trips tab” select the trip that needs change click on cancel. 
  • Once your click cancel confirms the cancelation so that no penalty is charged. 

Steps Involved in Making a Change to a Nonrefundable Ticket: 

Passengers need to pay a cancelation fee of $200 to $400 for making a change or canceling a nonrefundable ticket. The unused parts of the ticket can be refunded to the passenger as a flight credit. The cancelation fee can be more or less depending on the destination and the fare of the airline. 

  • Passengers must try their best to cancel their flight tickets for United Airlines in the 24 hours’ window under United change flight.
  • Passengers must take travel insurance that takes care of your cancelation fee. 
  • If you book on an overbooked flight you can request a refund the United airlines provide you this flexibility. 
  • You can seek a partial refund on Non-refundable tickets by filling the refund form and raising a refund request. The refund is processed in 20 days for normal transactions and 7 days for any transactions on a credit card.  

All United Airlines flights can be changed under the United Airlines change flight. 

Steps to Change an Award Ticket on the United Airlines: 

To change an award ticket on United Airlines you can follow the following steps.  

  • Open 
  • Choose the option called change flight option. 
  • Passengers can search for a new flight. 
  • Select a new flight
  • Passengers must review their trip itinerary.
  • Update the travel details on the website in the required form. 
  • Passengers need to pay any difference in the variance. 

Steps to Change a Refundable Ticket on the United Airlines: 

To change a refundable ticket on United Airlines, Passengers can follow the below steps. 

  • Refundable tickets help you to seek the complete value of the ticket without paying an extra cost. 
  • Select the My Trips option to enter your flight confirmation number to view details of the flight. 
  • Passengers can select the change flight option and make the following changes. 
  • Date of travel and specify the destination. 
  • Add a flight
  • Remove a flight

This is the best way to change flights under the united change flight process. 

United Airlines Flight Change Policy:

According to the flight change policy of United Airlines, passengers are given the electronic travel certificates which are valid for a period of 24 months beginning from the date of issue. 

Passengers are given an option of future flight credit which allows them to keep the entire value of ticket safe with them without any penalty. Only a difference in fare may apply. This future flight credit can be used by passengers within a time period of 12 months from the date of the issue mentioned on the original ticket. The following steps can be used to change the current flight:

  • On the official website of select the option my trips.
  • Now enter your flight details to receive the relevant flight information.
  • Choose the options to change the flight, then click on edit and change the given details which include the date of travel, specific destination, add flight, remove flight.
  • Choose the option to continue and then choose a new flight. 
  • Choose a booking option to confirm your new flight.
  • A change fee will be displayed as waived but a passenger may have to pay the variance in the fare.

Change & Cancelation Fee Can Be Avoided on United Airlines: 

Passengers have to cancel their flight ticket within 24 hours, this is the easiest and the most popular way to avoid paying a change or a cancelation fee. In case of an emergency such as an illness, the cancelation and change fee paid while making changes can be waived off. To complete this process, the passenger needs to upload the supporting medical documents on the website along with the refund request. The following points can allow passengers to avoid change fees and cancelation on United Airlines. 

  • United airlines passengers must avail an option to waive of change or cancelation fee. This can be done by adopting a travel insurance option given by United Airlines. 
  • Passengers must be well aware of the flight changes made by the airline. 
  • Exercise 24-hour flexibility. 
  • It is cheaper to book a one way trip rather than booking a round trip. 
  • Passengers must have a valid reason for cancelation, as per the united airline flight change. 
  • Passengers must avail and apply for club membership or a frequent flier program to avail a change and cancelation fee waiver. 
  • Utilization of a credit card will allow you to waive a cancelation fee or the change fee. 

United Flight Change Fees Waived Off:

United Airlines exercises the flight change waiver in the following circumstances:

  • Any passenger who changes his flight due to a medical emergency/illness can request a flight fee change waiver.
  • Any passenger who enjoys the various club memberships with United Airlines can use a flight change waiver. 
  • In the present COVID-19 situation, United Airlines has decided not to charge a heavy change fee from its passengers.
  • Passengers while rebooking the flight can apply for a future flight credit which can be used to rebook the flight for a new date, without charging a change fee.

United Airlines Same Day Flight Changes:

According to the same-day flight changes, this option is available within 24 hours before the departure of flight. Changes are applicable when the difference between the ticket fare is paid.  Passengers can request to pay the same-day change fee if they are unable to get the flight ticket at the original fare price.

If a passenger is unable to reserve a seat on the purchased fare, he can reserve a seat by paying the same-day change fee.

In case a passenger’s ticket is upgraded, it will be added to the upgraded priority list. A passenger can check the upgrade status in the official United Airlines.

Same day changes can be only made at the departing and arrival airports. 

Same-day flight changes can be made by a passenger when he checks in online or at an airport kiosk.  The check-in baggage needs to be moved to the new flight 60 minutes before the departure.  

United airlines flight change process can be followed for exercising the same day changes policy.  

United Flight Change in 24 hours:

According to the 24-hour policy of United Airlines Flight change, passengers can change the flight within 24 hours of booking without being charged a penalty on the same. 

United Airlines permits passengers to change tickets on any of the flights within 24 hours free of charge. 

  • All tickets booked on the United Airlines official website fall under the 24-hour cancellation window. 
  • The 24- hour starts from the time a passenger books a ticket and makes a reservation. Any refund request will be credited to the passenger in the form of an electronic travel certificate. 
  • Any group tickets booked can be changed or amended as per the group contract laid.
  • Any ticket purchased with an e certificate can be excluded.
  • Any tickets booked with a price lock fees will never be refunded, as there is no increase or decrease in the ticket price due to the price lock being applicable.

United Flight Change Phone Number:

United Flight change phone number provides an access to the passenger to make changes in the ticket purchased this is an easy and convenient method to make changes on the existing flight ticket.

What can be done if the United Airlines flight Change Option is not working?

In case the flight change option is not working, the passengers can check the flight schedule in the form of a calendar published on the official website of the airline. After any changes have been published some adjustments can be accommodated to aircraft and routes. These adjustments are the following:

  • Changes to flight departure or arrival times.
  • Changes in flight frequencies, any additions or deletions of routes.
  • Changes in aircraft fleet.

United Flight Change Fee:

  • Passengers pay a change fee ranging between 200 dollars to 400 dollars for any international travel on United Airlines. 
  • For Domestic travel on United Airlines, passengers pay a change fee of 200 dollars.
  • Same-day changes can be made by paying a change fee of 75 dollars. 
  • If you are a club member with United Airlines, you can enjoy a change fee waiver.


This article discusses the United Airlines flight change policy in detail. It also discusses the various steps that can be taken to change different categories of tickets. It also highlights what are the various ways in which the change and cancellation fee by the airline can be waived off. It gives the passengers a handy tool to make necessary changes on the United Airline flight. 

It also discusses the policy related to same-day flight changes and changes within 24- hours of booking the ticket. It also provides the phone number which can be used to make necessary changes for United Airlines flight. If you cancel a refundable ticket, the refund payment will be credited to your account in 7 days, if the transaction is made via a credit card. 

Any cash transactions will be credited to you within 20 business days. If your ticket is booked by using miles, once you cancel the ticket, the miles will be deposited/credited back to your United Airline Account.