Baggage Policy

United baggage policy is quite basic, and every passenger traveling through this airline needs to adhere to it. Every passenger is provided with easy check-in online within 24 hours of the scheduled flight, which allows the passengers to ditch the queue and drop off the Baggage and check-in within 6 hours of the scheduled time. Web Check-in is a better option since airport check-ins ensure higher fees. The check-in passage closes 45 minutes before the domestic flights and one hour before international flights.

There are two categories of Baggage that every passenger is seen to carry, and that is the carry-on Baggage, and the checked-in Baggage, both of them have different charges levied on them.

Rules And Charges For Carry-on Baggage

According to the rules, there is a certain weight and capacity of the carry-on Baggage above which it is shifted to the aircraft baggage hull and treated as check-in luggage. The United Baggage Policy has specified the maximum power allowed in various units for the passenger’s convenience. The permitted dimensions are 9X14X22 inches or 23X35X56 cm or 45 inches. There are specific articles that are a band to be carried in the carry-on Baggage that includes sharp objects and flammable objects. Excluding them, a passenger may bring one personal item, which may be a laptop bag, a briefcase, a purse, or a garment bag. Additionally, they can carry cameras, umbrellas, assistive gadgets, outer garments, reading materials, and onboard food. Only articles that fit in the overhead bin and under the seat are allowed onboard. 

Rules And Charges For Checked-in Baggage

Depending on the airport, there are different cut-off times for the checked-in baggage. For US Virgin Island, it is 30 minutes prior, whereas, for Canada, it is 60 minutes earlier. Checked baggage rules and regulations are different within Asia can be stated as follows.

Baggage Rules And Fees Based On Destination 

The linear dimensions allowed, and the size and weight fees may differ for different destinations and travel sources.

Standard charges are applied when traveling between North America to any destination, including Europe and India.

  • Standard Dimensions and weight allowed is 62inches/157 centimeters and 50lbs/23kgs, Whereas for Passengers originating in London, as are permitted to carry an additional matter that is 70lbs/32kgs.
  • For the flights originating from North America, first baggage charges are free, whereas an additional $50 must be paid for the second Baggage. For flights originating from Europe, an additional fee of 35E,54CHF, and 31 Pounds is levied according to the currency used. When traveling from India, the policies applicable to the airlines chosen applies.
  • When traveling from North America To Any International Destination
  • Sixty-two inches/158 centimeters and 50lbs/23 in terms of dimension and weight. No extra cost for the Baggage is levied.
  • When Travelling Between the US or Canada And the Caribbean Or Mexico, whether through standard airline facilities or United Express or Star alliance, the dimensions allowed remain the same. But you will find a significant change in the charges applied for weight fees; for economical flights, an extra cost of $30 is charged, whereas, for express travelers, $25 is charged for the first bag and $35 for the second bag.
  • When traveling within the United States, dimensions remain the same, and the fees levied are the same for the express travelers. An additional overweight fee is also charged in this case.
  • Certain additional services are available for passengers traveling to various destinations, such as outstanding accommodation facilities for premiere and star alliance members. Economy class passengers are allowed to upgrade to United or United Business with extra charges, Global services are available for premiere executives, and special arrangements are made for the US military personnel and the ones with dependent IDs.

United Baggage Policy for international Travellers

The United Airlines carry-on baggage allowance only provides the provision of carrying a personal item and standard carry baggage without any extra charges.Passengers are allowed to bring private bags with a dimension of 17X10X9 inches and carry on Baggage with a size of 22X14x9 inches. The Lap Infant carry-on policy allows parents to carry certain items which can include diaper bags, breast pumps and a child seat as long as its government-approved. 

All checked Baggage is required to adhere to the maximum weight that is 23 kgs for all economic class and 32kg for business class and first-class passengers. For international passengers, the first and the second Baggage are free as long as you are not traveling in the economy, and some extra charges are levied on the third luggage. The excess baggage fees range from around $100-$200 for overweight bags by 51 to 70lbs. $200-$400 for the ones who are overweight by 71 to 100lbs.

United Airlines Baggage Policy For Military Personnel 

Active US personnel and their accompanying dependents who prefer not to travel in the business class received waived services for up to 3 baggage, which are each 32kgs. Additionally, the dependants traveling with the personals are exempted from the service charges as long as they travel under the same united airlines reservation. The united airline’s carry-on baggage fees are waived off for five Baggage of 45kgs each for business class travelers.

United Baggage Policy for Basic Economy Travellers

Suppose you are a primary economy traveler who is traveling on United airlines. In that case, you are only allowed to carry personal Baggage of dimensions nine inchesX10inchesX17 inches, Unless you are a primary cardmember.

Some people query the baggage weight limit for united international flights for essential economic class travelers. The answer will be 23kgs or 50lbs.

United Airlines Baggage Policy For Economy Class Travellers

United Basic Economy baggage allowed is limited to one personal luggage that has the following dimensions that are 9X10X17inches. An economy passenger is only allowed to carry a personal bag, in case if he/she is seen carrying a full-size bag, the passenger will require to pay an extra $25 handling fees after checking-in.

United Baggage Policy For First Class Travellers

If you are traveling in first-class, then the united airline’ carry-on weight limit significantly increases., and the maximum weight allowed will be 32kgs. The only thing you need to keep in mind while traveling in first class is that all the rules remain the same except the dimensions and the weight allowed onboard. The united Baggage checked baggage size can go up to 62inches/158cms.

What Is The United Airlines Baggage Policy?

When traveling on United Airlines, the passengers need to follow a few rules and regulations unless they prefer being levied with extra charges. The United airlines checked baggage policy states that all the checked Baggage should be within the permissible limit of 23kgs for passengers traveling in the economy and with premium fares. Business travelers can carry up to 32kgs.

United Airlines only allows one carry-on Baggage and one personal item for every passenger for free. The carry-on Baggage should have a dimension of 45 linear inches and 115 centimeters along with the handles and the wheels. The dimensions of the two-baggage allowed should be 9X14X22 inches for the full-sized carry-on bag and 9X10X17 inches for the personal bag. Remember that passengers traveling in economy class are only allowed to carry their items.

Additional/Excess Baggage Fees:

If your Baggage doesn’t abide by the size and dimensions specified by United Airlines, then additional charges will be applied; for domestic flights 50lbs extra, and 62 in larger, the fees charged will be within $100-$200. Whereas for International flights the charges may vary between $200 to $400. These charges are calculated for economy travelers. You can use the calculator tool to calculate the exact amounts that you may need to pay.

It would be best if you remembered that the acceptance of extra Baggage entirely depends on the flight and time frame destination, and in the absence of extra space, the excess Baggage might be denied.

How Can Baggage Fees Be Avoided On The United Airlines?

  • The easiest way to avoid a baggage fee is to pack a carry-on and fit all the essentials in it.
  • United Airlines credit cards offer complimentary check-in baggage on the flight and can be used to levy off the extra charges.
  • Get a credit card with travel credits, which will help you get seat upgrades and help you pay the baggage fees through the menu and pay later.
  • The mileage plus premier membership allows its members to have one to three complementary baggage according to the elite list.
  • Reaching star alliance gold status allows an additional 44 pounds of Baggage free on eligible flights.

Check-In Baggage On United Airlines

Things you need to keep in mind when you are checking in your Baggage on The United Airlines

  • Make sure to check-in your bag on time since you won’t be able to check-in the luggage if you have crossed the deadline.
  • Keep your claim check until you receive all your Baggage at the destination.